Federal, State, and Appellate Court Litigation

Intellectual Property disputes are often resolved in formal litigation in a Court of Law. In formal courtroom litigation, a party, known as a Plaintiff, files a Complaint with a Court demanding that an accused party, known as a Defendant, be held accountable for a perceived wrong. The Plaintiff may be asking for damages and injunctive relief where a Court issues an order affecting the Defendant’s behavior going into the future. In Intellectual Property disputes the wrong may be infringement of a Patent, Trademark or Copyright, or the theft of Trade Secrets.
In complex Intellectual Property matters there may be more than one Plaintiff, more than one Defendant and there may be many complaints, or Causes of Action. This type of complex Intellectual Property litigation requires a specialist to navigate the various rules and procedures, and SHERMAN IP attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in litigating these complex lawsuits in a cost effective manner to champion our clients’ legal causes.

Formal litigation has formal rules and proceedings for each stage of the proceeding, including filing the initial pleadings, taking of discovery to determine the facts upon which the dispute is based, filing motions to resolve issues in the proceeding, providing evidence to the court and trying the case to a Judge or Jury. The entire proceeding is supervised by a Judge or Magistrate according to specific rules which are different from court to court and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

When your business interests are at stake and you are funding the high cost of sophisticated Intellectual Property enforcement or defense, you need to make sure that your lawyers can strategically develop your case to achieve the best result in the most cost effective manner possible. SHERMAN IP attorneys are specialists at effectively and efficiently pursuing our clients’ goals in all manner of Intellectual Property disputes.

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