May 2017 Sherman IP Newsletter

Our Clients Make Headlines!

This month we’re focusing Sherman IP’s newsletter on you, our clients.  Over the past 25 years (yes, we’re gearing up to celebrate our 25th Anniversary this year!), we’ve built a reputation of providing high quality, efficient legal services. We look at you, our clients, as relationships where we provide counsel and strategies to help you effectively build your business over the course of your many matters.  We like to think of ourselves as part of your business; a resource you use to efficiently move forward and protect your best interests.  When you win, we win!  We also love to brag about how great you are.  

This month, we congratulate two of our clients on being named in INC’s 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For in 2017!

Kimberli Cheung Wright:  As founder and CEO of Trepic, Kimberli stands to change travel planning forever. Her app helps consumers plan trips by browsing images, with selections customized to each user’s personal preferences.

Kristi Grigsby:  STEM was founded out of a need to encourage learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Kristi’s picture book series is geared specifically toward encouraging young girls to pursue these areas through fun storytelling.

We are proud to have represented Kimberli and Kristi in their trademark applications for Trepic and STEM, and we wish them success as they continue to grow their businesses!

At Sherman IP, we pride ourselves on being your strategic, legal powerhouse.  We’ll give you our legal and business advice and tell you when you should, and more importantly, when you shouldn’t spend your capital or sweat equity in pursuing a patent, trademark or other business interest. You’re our most valuable asset and we’re on your team.

Picking the Right Trademark for Your Brand

You’ve come up with a great idea for a new business, product or service and you start thinking of potential names to call your fantastic new idea – where do you start?  What may seem to be a great name that describes what you’re doing actually may not be the best strategy for your business in the long run.  Before you pour capital and sweat equity into growing and marketing your idea, make sure it’s something you can protect with a trademark registration.  What factors should you consider in selecting the best trademark for your brand? 

Should I Copyright or Trademark my Logo, or both?

Remember how exciting the process was of developing your logo? The countless revisions back and forth, the brainstorming of ideas…and then finally, your logo is exactly what you had envisioned.  

So what’s the best way to protect your logo?  Do you file a trademark application, a copyright application, or both?

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Kenneth L. Sherman
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