Our Added Value

The experience and ingenuity of SHERMAN IP attorneys adds value to our client’s patent applications. Many inventors sometimes arrive at their concept(s) in a “tunnel” as they are trying to solve one particular problem. SHERMAN IP attorneys have the ability, creativity and vision to help the inventor derive additional concept applications, alternative embodiments, and future development potential for their inventions.

Some important strategies in patent application drafting which provide patent application robustness involve: foreseeing potential infringers, determining potential “design around(s),” coming up with alternative embodiments, determining detectability of infringing use, application of the inventive concept(s) to other technologies, concept expansion and taking account of recent changes in the law and USPTO rules. SHERMAN IP attorneys are well versed in these strategies and incorporate these strategies when drafting the patent application description and claims.

By assisting in developing concept expansion, SHERMAN IP attorneys assist inventors to envision further potential markets for their inventions. Combined with our legal expertise, educational knowledge and work experience, we wear our “inventor’s hat” in order to help the inventor expand inventive concepts and even derive new concepts, which results in further added value to all of your Intellectual Property needs.