Patent Portfolio Prosecution and Management

SHERMAN IP has proprietary systems for managing portfolios of intellectual property including multiple related foreign and domestic patent applications and issued Patents. These types of proprietary management systems are necessary for clients that have many inter-related patent applications being filed and pursued in order to protect a continuing research and development effort in a business. Often larger companies will have multiple portfolios to protect different research and development effort, which may or may not inter-relate to each other. Likewise, these multiple patent properties must be accounted for in their related technology families. Owners of these inter-related portfolios have special Duties of Candor that need to be accounted for.

Special requirements have to be addressed to deal with inter-related patent properties, whether those inter-relationships are for multiple patent applications on different aspects of a single technology, or even across international borders. Something that happens in a related European case often needs to be accounted for in the United States.

SHERMAN IP’s proprietary systems are necessary due to the complexity of managing ever expanding patent portfolios across multiple patent applications that are combined into one asset for ease of management. SHERMAN IP’s proprietary systems allow our team of attorneys and legal staff to manage high profile portfolios and undertake the special responsibilities of managing multiple patent properties on our client’s behalf.