Sherman IP LLP was founded on January 1, 1993, by Kenneth L. Sherman, to provide clients with an economically effective, yet powerful alternative in the practice of Intellectual Property law. Most law firms provide an expensive, bureaucratic approach where clients and their needs are a second priority. Our firm was founded on the principle that our client's needs are our foremost priority. Through our proprietary systems, we are able to manage our clients cases cost effectively with carefully directed legal strategies earmarked for any particular case or series of cases. Our experience has shown that clients prefer this approach and after working with us, our clients feel as though they have found a new legal home. Many of our clients have called us "their lawyers" since our inception and some have been with us for over 25 years. Our dedication in earning our clients' trust is by meeting their Intellectual Property needs today and for many years to come.

Our firm was founded as SHERMAN & SHERMAN, APC (1993-2003), and was known as MYERS ANDRAS SHERMAN, LLP (2003-2009) and SHERMAN & ZARRABIAN, LLP (2010-2014) prior to adopting the brand SHERMAN IP on January 1, 2015.


As a "Hard Intellectual Property" law firm, Sherman IP specializes in the prosecution of patent applications, trademark applications, and copyright applications, as well as the licensing and litigation of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret matters and transactions involving our clients and their business models. We strive to create legal strategies that protect your market, your business and your intellectual property assets. Many of our attorneys are required to have backgrounds in the hard sciences such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and to be experts in their fields so they can represent you before the United States Patent Office. In support of our experienced professionals, we have a team of highly trained and experienced paralegals and legal secretaries who provide quality assistance at a reduced cost to our clients. Our attorneys and staff apply our philosophy in conjunction with our proprietary systems to bring simplicity to the most complex matters. Using our particular techniques, our firm offers thorough and efficient representation in all matters, regardless of the degree of complexity. Our clients vary from individuals with a single matter to some of the world's largest corporations.

With over 75 years of combined experience in the firm, we are proud to offer all of our clients the same respect and representation regardless of the scope or cost of their need.


Sherman IP is organized around several guiding principles. We assist our clients in the protection and culling of their ideas and developing strategies for protecting the key aspects of their Intellectual Property. We help our clients in determining how to best and most efficiently expand their Intellectual Property through licensing, litigation, joint ventures and administrative hearings. Our expertise extends to dealing with the growing need for representation in the social media and e-commerce realm as well as international concerns.

We'll fight to protect our clients' valued Intellectual Property all over the world and have extensive experience representing our clients in litigation during their most difficult circumstances. Our team has completed test cases concerning technology and the scope of IP law including patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, right of publicity, and unfair competition litigation. We have practiced in US state and federal trial and appellate courts, in UK and EU courts, in arbitration, and before the International Trade Commission and the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. We deliver the highest satisfaction by acting as both a sword and shield for our clients regarding their Intellectual Property.

SHERMAN IP attorneys are experts in areas of high technology research and development and have worked with clients for decades in building their Intellectual Property portfolios. We help you protect your ideas and take them from concept to registered Intellectual Property assets. SHERMAN IP attorneys have strong technical backgrounds and are capable of quickly researching the background of your development and understanding your idea. This saves significant time in communicating your ideas to us and reduces your cost in getting your ideas protected. You don’t have to pay to educate us. The experienced attorneys at SHERMAN IP work closely with clients to understand and pursue their business objectives. We strive to find innovative ways to establish, protect, and maximize the value of your development with solid Intellectual Property portfolios.SHERMAN IP throws “normal and traditional” out of the window and uses our own highly effective strategies to develop a system that is specific to our clients’ business and legal needs. Whether we are helping you protect your patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, our skilled team of attorneys and staff develop a powerful plan for all of your Intellectual Property legal needs. SHERMAN IP has proprietary systems that allow us to manage Intellectual Property portfolios across a multitude of patent, trademark, or copyright applications and registrations. We manage and oversee portfolios for some of the most well-known companies all over the world. SHERMAN IP’s proprietary methodology will ensure that you are getting timely, efficient, and extremely effective Intellectual Property services. Whether it involves your patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, our systems allow us to quickly provide yet also specially tailor our services so that you receive unique, cost effective, and quality strategies for all of your prized developments. SHERMAN IP has earned a reputation for developing sophisticated and client-focused Intellectual Property strategies in the acquisition, management, and deployment of assets. Our seasoned attorneys all have backgrounds in their respective practice areas and can work with you to address any of your Intellectual Property concerns. Our firm was established with the principle of growing and building our relationship with you by always providing you outstanding service and client experience. SHERMAN IP attorneys have exhaustive knowledge and experience getting our clients developments registered as patents both within the U.S. and abroad. With over 75 years of combined experience, our attorneys specialize in seeking high technology protection. All attorneys at SHERMAN IP have a science or engineering background with profound experience in the technologies you come to us to protect. A trade secret can be any confidential information that provides you an economic value in your business. SHERMAN IP attorneys can help you develop policies to protect your proprietary trade secrets and provide you with a vast variety of business agreements tailored to your specific needs. When you come up with a new way to express yourself, you should be able to easily protect your creations. SHERMAN IP attorneys are specialists in applying to register creative works whether they are literary, musical, computer software related, architectural, or any other form of expression. We are your home to navigate the legal maze of protecting yourself or defending yourself against accusations of infringement. We recognize that a company’s trademark is more than just a calling card; it can be a company’s brand and most valuable asset due to its ability to be recognized as a mark of quality and high reputation. Whether you are starting a new business and need a trademark or you already have a business and need trademark updates, SHERMAN IP has services to help with product name, slogan and logo protection for your business or new endeavor.SHERMAN IP attorneys have extensive experience in complex licensing and technology matters dealing with our clients’ patents, trademarks, copyright, or trade secrets. We develop innovative and practical solutions designed to ensure that your commercial activities, licensing programs and transactions coincide with your strategies for protecting and promoting all of your Intellectual Property. SHERMAN IP attorneys are well versed in the most complex transactions involving Intellectual Property assets. Whether you are engaging in a Joint Venture to use or develop new technologies, distributing or sharing your already developed assets, or acquiring rights to something new for you, our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating these types of agreements. Even if you simply need an NDA, we can provide you the support you need. In this global and technological economy, it is common to come across competitive problems which can’t be amiably resolved between the parties. While our attorneys have the seasoned skills in counseling you to negotiate a resolution for most matters without having an attorney formally resolved, we also have experience in representing you and resolving problems through “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR). Nevertheless, some problems just can’t be resolved informally. For those problems that involve judicial or administrative enforcement, SHERMAN IP attorneys are unmatched in excellence, skills and experience.Whether it’s somebody copying your copyrighted expression, a competitor playing off the good will protected by your name or logo, or an infringement of your patented design or technology, SHERMAN IP attorneys have experience in developing strategies to achieve your business goals in confronting the infringer. We have worked with ICE and Homeland Security to seize infringing goods at the ports, worked with large internet shopping sites to shut down infringements from being adverted and sold, and litigated cases in administrative proceedings and before federal and state Courts to obtain enforceable orders preventing future infringements and obtaining monetary recoveries. Perhaps you’ve just received a Cease and Desist letter accusing you of using someone else’s trademark in your advertising or in your domain name. Maybe you’re being sued for infringing a competitor’s patent rights. What if you’ve received a Petition to Cancel your trademark from the Trademark Register. Who do you call? SHERMAN IP attorneys develop cost effective strategies for determining if you’ve actually infringed the accuser’s rights and we fight to protect yours, resolving the matter with the least possible head and heart ache, and minimizing your exposure to damages.