Outside General Counsel Services (OGC)

Outside General Counsel Attorney ServicesSHERMAN IP can serve as a legal umbrella for companies in all fields, in all areas that legal counsel may be requested or required. Our Outside General Counsel services are usually employed by companies that don’t have lawyers on staff, particularly smaller businesses, however we can serve as overflow attorneys for larger companies to cover workload increase or under-served areas of the business. Providing counsel in this fashion is often more cost effective for companies both large and small as our services can be tailor made to suit the client needs without employing fixed costs and exorbitant taxes and expenses. Having the SHERMAN IP team as OGC can enable our clients to avoid problems before they become costly and detrimental to their company’s bottom line.

Our clients can expect us to draft and negotiate contracts and agreements pertaining to licensing and distribution, outsourcing, corporate governance, software and technology. We can provide business services as they correlate with legal matters, such as attending board meetings where counsel is advisable, the preparation and management of stock options and plans, drafting of Master Service Agreements, Articles of Incorporation and other complex transactions. The SHERMAN IP team can act as a “purchasing manager” to procure goods and services that are outside of the company’s normal purview.

Though it is often in our clients’ best interest to avoid litigation with preventative counseling and mediation, part of SHERMAN IP’s OGC services can include counseling in dispute resolution and litigation oversight and management. Our experienced team has a wide array of specialties and fields of knowledge that allow us to defend and protect our clients with zeal and ease.