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SHERMAN IP attorneys boast a legal experience base which encompasses the most sophisticated
Intellectual Property proceedings.


A United States Patent is a grant that allows its owner to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing into the country an invention which is claimed within the patent. In the United States, the patent application process is administered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which negotiates the “allowability” and claim scope that can be asserted for the patent. SHERMAN IP attorneys are specially admitted to the USPTO and can help you protect your Patent rights.

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What is a Patent?
What is a Provisional Patent Application?
What is a Utility Patent?
What is a Design Patent?
The Patent Application Process
Drafting and Filing Your Utility Patent Application
The Patent Examination Process
What are Patent Appeals?
International and Foreign Patents
Patent Portfolio Prosecution and Management
Our Added Value
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A Trademark is a name, slogan, logo, design or other device (including a scent, color, or sound) by which a business identifies itself and its products or services to its consumers. Sherman IP attorneys have extensive experience pursuing strategies for protecting trademark rights.

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Trademark Office Actions
What Is a Trademark?
Why Is It so Important?
Our Experience with Trademarks
Intent-to-Use (ITU) Trademark
Actual Use Trademark
Examination of Trademark Applications and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)
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A Copyright protects an original expression such as a book, script, painting or computer program from being copied without permission. Copyright protection naturally exists from the moment a “work” is created but a Copyright may be registered with the United States Copyright Office, a division of the Library of Congress once the work is fixed in a “tangible medium.” SHERMAN IP attorneys have profound experience in registering and protecting all types of expressive works.


Trade Secrets

A Trade Secret is a piece of information that has economic value through its secrecy or confidentiality. This can be information such as customer lists, product plans, sales and marketing plans, employee rosters, formulas, etc. In California, trade secrets are recognized under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, California Civil Code Section 3426 et seq. and there are additionally Federal Protections and California criminal penalties for misappropriation of trade secrets. SHERMAN IP attorneys specialize in developing programs helping you to protect your Confidential Information, drafting agreements protecting your trade secrets, and pursuing violators who try to steal your trade secrets.


Controversies, Litigation and Specialized Intellectual Property Proceedings

SHERMAN IP attorneys boast a legal experience base which encompasses the most sophisticated legal controversies and business litigation proceedings involving Intellectual Property including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Unfair Competition, and theft of Trade Secrets. These complex Intellectual Property and business litigation proceedings often involve controlling competition in the market for your products. SHERMAN IP has extensive experience representing clients in Federal and State Courts throughout the United States, representing clients in Appeals on the Federal and State levels, and representing clients in proceedings extraterritorial to the United States.

SHERMAN IP maintains a worldwide network of partner attorneys and contractors to help represent clients before the Courts and Agencies in every developed country and most undeveloped countries throughout the world. Through these partnerships, we can systemically and efficiently represent our clients in an economically viable fashion. SHERMAN IP attorneys have extensive experience in advanced inter partes proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office such as patent interferences, patent appeals and trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings.

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Negotiated Resolutions
Alternative Dispute Resolutions
Federal, State, and Appellate Court Litigation
Specialized Intellectual Property Proceedings
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)
Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB)
International Trade Commission (ITC)
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SHERMAN IP attorneys are well versed in all manner of transactions – whether you are a company or individual looking to license a product or if you’re interested in engaging in a joint venture, merger or acquisition – we have the tools and strategies to make your transactions smooth and advance your business objectives. We collaborate with our clients to understand and advise them based on their business goals.


Social Media and E-Commerce

The Internet has created a complex and fast paced global environment. You can reach people and territories previously unattainable by your business, and likewise, they can reach you. Each of these transactions and the tools that enable them create unsuspected legal liability and issues. SHERMAN IP attorneys can help you navigate the legal traps in the world wide web. We thoroughly understand these technology areas and offer legal services addressing the unique issues facing individuals and entities involved in online businesses.


Outside General Counsel Services

SHERMAN IP provides Outside General Counsel (OGC) services to entrepreneurs, small business, and companies that do not have or cannot afford onsite or on-staff attorneys. The SHERMAN IP OGC services enable our clients to avoid problems before they become costly and detrimental to their company’s bottom line. We can serve as a legal umbrella for these companies, not only in our specialized fields, but in all areas where legal counsel is requested or required.