Sherman IP is proud to introduce Control Legal™; Sherman IP’s consumer facing, low cost, pay-as-you-go, limited scope legal practice.  Control Legal™, which launched with the new year, is Sherman IP®’s fresh take on effective and affordable legal services. Control Legal™ allows consumers to engage an expert trademark attorney at a prepaid flat fee for trademark filings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

With Control Legal™, you control the cost of the legal services by prepaying limited scope invoices for legal services. You control the case by predetermining the scope of legal work that we will undertake.

Control Legal™ clients never get unexpected bills. Through Sherman IP®’s innovative system, clients don’t even pay for communications necessary for the authorized scope of work. Emails and telephone calls necessary to undertake the authorized work are all included.  Many of these routine communications and systems are automated using Sherman IP’s patented systems. Those cost reductions are passed to you in Control Legal™’s low flat fees. The result is a limited scope, pay-as-you-go program, that provides streamlined, expert attorney representation at an affordable cost.

The Control Legal™ program provides predictability by eliminating surprise bills, while reducing consumer costs by tailoring the scope of work included with each engagement to what is necessary to accomplish the specific goal the client is seeking.

Many of the trademark service providers out there are not real law firms. Read the fine print. You will see that they are merely masquerading as “legal services” but many don’t have lawyers representing you and don’t have the experience and expertise of actually defending your legal rights in these types of matters. With Control Legal™, Sherman IP® brings its full complement of experienced trademark attorneys and paralegals to bear to represent your interests.  These are the same attorneys and legal teams who represent our traditional business clients. Our clients are among the top patent and trademark filers in the world, and they trust Sherman IP® to handle their matters.

While there are a number of consumer-facing law firms that do market trademark services to the public, what sets Control Legal™ apart from other “affordable” trademark-related legal teams is that Control Legal™ is a real Sherman IP® legal practice. This means that when you hire us, we are your attorneys! We provide you real U.S. legal representation, and we work directly with you as your lawyers to undertake your work and then appear in your case. We do not “offshore” your work to people in Eastern Europe or Asia and tell you we are doing it like many other “trademark lawyers” you may see advertised.

Bringing decades of experience as a U.S. law firm that specializes in representing clients before the U.S. Trademark Office, Sherman IP® is excited to now offer the same level of expertise and knowledge in a cost-effective way to consumers in our Control Legal™ program. Take advantage of a FREE consultation with one of our expert trademark attorneys today who will evaluate your matter and provide a proposed strategy to proceed.



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