Los Angeles, May 11, 2022: Sherman IP LLP ( and L&G Law Group LLP ( are excited to announce that they have entered into a formal affiliation agreement between their practices. Pursuant to this formal affiliation agreement, Sherman IP and L&G Law will formally offer the services of each other’s practice groups to their clients and then jointly market to new clients while still maintaining their own separate clients, operations, and characteristics. Each of Sherman IP’s and L&G Law’s clients and teams will continue to realize their existing legal matters and goals as they have always done while also having access to newer and more expansive legal services.

Kenneth L. Sherman, the Managing Partner for Sherman IP stated, “we’re thrilled about this new affiliation. We’ve had informal associations with other firms in the past where we’ve helped support each other’s practice, but this formal affiliation brings L&G Law’s services directly to Sherman IP’s clients and allows our team to provide our specialized patent and trademark filing services directly to L&G Law’s clients in a seamless approach. In addition to our specialized services, Sherman IP clients will now have L&G Law’s panoply of services readily available to them and vice versa. Our practices really are complementary to each other, and this program proves that out.”

In January, Sherman IP will celebrate the 30 Year Anniversary of its practice. Historically, Sherman IP has always been known as a pre-eminent Intellectual Property practice with advanced experience in high technology patent prosecution as well as sophisticated and high-volume trademark prosecution. Sherman IP has provided its services to clients ranging from the largest public corporations to mid-sized companies to individual entrepreneurs and to everyone in between.

Throughout its history, Sherman IP has developed better and newer systems to always provide higher quality services to its clients in the most efficient manner. At its inception, Sherman IP provided its services, including high technology patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, brand protection, licensing and joint venture transactions and intellectual property enforcement and defense to a select cadre of sophisticated clients pursuing, protecting, and using their Intellectual Property for their business purposes. Sherman IP developed systems to provide coordinated patent prosecution services across technology groups so that clients with portfolios of patent properties could also see systematically high-quality services with lower amortized costs across their patent prosecution dockets.

In the past decade, Sherman IP brought those support systems to trademark prosecution. Initially, Sherman IP developed a back-end management program through its patented AKeyMark® Platform. Prior to and during the pandemic, Sherman IP also launched its Control Legal® practice to provide a prepaid, limited scope, flat fee trademark prosecution program directly to consumers, many of whom could not have previously obtained a sophisticated law firm to help protect their brand. These programs have made Sherman IP one of the largest and most sophisticated trademark prosecution law firms in the country in terms of filing volume.

Using these programs, Sherman IP has developed an expanded and supported legal vertical within the intellectual property arena providing the most sophisticated, highest quality intellectual property legal services in the most cost-effective manner for its clients.

This new affiliation with L&G Law now expands Sherman IP’s legal services horizontally for its clients from its intellectual property legal services vertical into a more extensive generalized business legal services spectrum. Sherman IP will now also offer L&G Law’s business legal services to its clients where Sherman IP clients can hire L&G Law for their general business legal services support while still maintaining a continuity of their known relationship with their Sherman IP legal team.

L&G Law is a powerhouse in general business-related legal services. L&G Law provides services in corporate finance and structuring, commercial transactions, employment law, insurance, banking, real estate, product liability and business litigation and provides specialized patent and trademark litigation services. Those specialized litigation services directly complement Sherman IP’s own boutique patent, trademark, copyright trade secret and other intellectual property strengths. L&G Law has its head offices in Chicago, but also brings offices in Florida, Arizona and in London, U.K. to the table.

Formed originally as the first female owned legal partnership in Chicago, L&G Law provides domestic and international commercial transactions and litigation. Among its clients, L&G Law also represents financiers, banks, insurance companies and health care facilities on a local and international level.

Mr. Sherman stated, “In addition to its litigation, employment, insurance, and transactional practices, what many Sherman IP clients will really be interested in are L&G Law’s corporate and M&A offerings. Many of Sherman IP’s clients have a real need in advanced structuring of their entities, as well as expert advice and representation in mergers and acquisitions as they grow. Sherman IP is now able to offer those legal skill sets to its clients in coordination with the growth of Sherman IP’s clients’ intellectual property assets.”

Over the next several weeks, Sherman IP’s collateral and systems will be updated to take this development into account.

Sherman IP and L&G Law appreciate the support of their entire teams, including their attorneys, staff, vendors, clients and others who supports them in their continuing growth.