Trademark Prosecution Process

During 2015, Sherman IP developed and launched a series of its trademark application initiatives to help clients more effectively and efficiently obtain Federal registration of their trademarks. Using new streamlined processes and tools, Sherman IP has been able to provide a reduced fee structure for trademark application clients. Existing clients have seen a reduction of their trademark application legal fees by 40-60% through the use of these tools.

By leveraging technology, Sherman IP has been able to create streamlined processes which includes electronic calendaring of free, limited scope attorney consultations; online short-form limited engagement agreements with electronic approval; pre-approved flat fees for specific defined filings; and electronic, pre-payment processing for limited set fees.

For trademark prosecution, we have eliminated the traditional law firm structure including requiring advance client trust fund deposits and vague estimates of legal fees. Instead, Sherman IP is able to provide clients with the ability to correctly project and budget for legal fees in protecting their trademarks while still obtaining the highest possible quality of legal representation.

We are pleased to be able to continue to develop these improved products and services for you, our clients. In March 2015, we launched the first phase of our Trademark Initiatives for Office Actions that applicants receive from the United States Trademark Office. Follow-on phases are scheduled to be launched throughout calendar year 2016. This initial phase has already shown amazing success for applicants to obtain their trademark registrations, and has been extremely well received by existing and new clients alike. Check out our web page describing the details of this first initiative here or call us at 424-229-6800 to discuss any of your trademark needs.